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by Jenn

About-Me-Jenn-BernsteinI’m a food obsessed girl from Queens who moved to Manhattan, and did short stints in Madrid, Spain and Atlanta, Georgia before happily settling (for now) in Brooklyn. Every place I have lived has influenced my tastes and expanded my views on food. No other author has influenced my thoughts and beliefs as much as Michael Pollan. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a household where we always ate dinner together around six o’clock. Food was very important and we never skimped on it, but it was rarely made from scratch. Cooking was a chore, not for fun. As an adult, I couldn’t disagree more. Cooking makes me happy, while baking puts a smile to my face and makes me forget about my troubles. While I was in school I worked in many front of the house positions and after law school I did a brief stagiere in the pastry department at Eleven Madison Park. My at home cooking philosophy is to buy the best ingredients I can afford, and whenever possible support local businesses and purveyors. If it’s grown near by, that’s my first choice. This doesn’t mean I’m about to give up lemons and avocados because I live in the Northeast. I started LocalAppetite to learn about the ingredients that are local to my region, but also as a journal for the things that I create in my kitchen and the delicious meals I eat in and around NYC. I’ve lived and explored three of the five boroughs in NYC, and that’s about as local as they get in this city.   Contact: Something else you’d like to know? Ask me (almost) anything: localappetite@gmail.com

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Dave February 1, 2010 at 10:10 pm

Hi Jen — thanks for the note and for the congrats about the pie contest. I like the looks of your blog too — I’m going to have to try that paprika chicken sometime very soon. Yum!

Amanda September 10, 2012 at 3:16 pm

Hello –

I’m writing from the Dr. Oz Show. We are doing a segment tomorrow morning on Food Bloggers. I wanted to see if you were interested and possibly available if selected!

Amanda Rocco
Associate Producer
The Dr. Oz Show
Email: arocco@zoco.com

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